Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Put You Oscar in a Louis Vuitton Bag!

What's a Best Actress winner to do now that she has to drag her new pal "Oscar" all around town?

Well, if you're Sandra Bullock, you have it all figured out. "The Blind Side" star wants a big Louis Vuitton bag. (And really, Oscar winner or not, who doesn't?)

Bullock arrived on the set of Oprah's post-Oscars TV show today in a sleek, dark-colored pantsuit with her gold statue in tow.

She seemed smitten with her shiny new companion, which coordinated perfectly with the metallic Marchesa gown she wore to last night's Oscars.

Only problem: The little gold man is a bit heftier than Bullock expected.

"I mean, where do you stash this thing?" she asked the talk show host. "I hope Louis Vuitton makes me something big."

We have a feeling that this leading lady will have a big LV bag coming right up, along with the burgers, fries and soft-serve Bullock told Oprah she planned to gorge on now that the pressure of fitting into all her awards ceremony gowns is off.

Maybe Oscar would fit in one of these Louis carryalls.

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